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5 de July de 2011

Invisible Facebook Like Button That Moves With Mouse Pointer

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Written by: Pedro
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Many will condemn me for this article, this may not be the best way to get the ultimate goal, but with the evolution of certain facebook viral pages could not be unaware of this fact and decided to publish this modified script by us that you can freely use to test or even on projects.

What does it all?

This script basically lets you have a button “like” invisible moving the mouse cursor over a certain period of time after the page opened, time is set in ms (milliseconds 1s = 1000ms) the script is set to rise to 10.000ms, or 10 seconds, 10 seconds basically the script is active, then it disappears.

Purpose of this script?

Obviously is to get more “likes” in your facebook page, maybe the method is not the right thing for many is considered to blackhat, whatever it simply works and works well, be careful were you going to use it, the page may lose credibility, believe or not I’ve seen plenty of pages with scripts of this kind, some even known …

To download you will have to click “like” or “gosto”, since it is unique for our facebook fans.

Can see the demo with the button visible 30%, the download is invisible.






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  • Manuel Ribeiro

    Olá, como coloco a funcionar num site em wordpress? Onde coloco a pasta src?


    • Jeannogueira

      também quero saber, Manuel

      Conseguiu instalar o script?
      Se sim, me manda um email

    • guilherme

      Manuel, tem este script ainda? Funciona?
      Poderia me passar?

  • GhostMaster

    A pasta src é colocada na raiz da instalação do wordpress, para funcionar terá que editar o ficheiro index.php adicionando 2 linhas de código, o ficheiro inclui um ficheiro de ajuda em txt que descreve como funciona tudo.


  • Renetta Vivar

    I gotta favorite this internet site it seems extremely helpful very beneficial

  • GhostMaster

    thanks for the comment, you are welcome :)

  • Portugal

    where is the link to make downlaod ?

  • Anonymous

    You need to click “like” to unlock the download link.

  • Mudasir Nazar

    ware download link i have click on like button but link not apears

    • Rui Tiago

      Emailed you with the script ;)

  •Алекей-Фоминых/100001772859825 Алекей Фоминых

    Clicked Like button, no download link.(

  • Disseminating Gnitanimessid

    Hey , I have liked …where is the download link ???

    • Rui Tiago

      You need to click like, i will gonna add English readme info.

  • Cosmic

    When i activate the plugin it says invalid header. How can i get it work?

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  • Junior

    Não funcionou, coloquei a opacidade a 100% mas não vi o botão

  • Gujilherme

    Ola, nao consigo baixar …ele serve para wordpress?