Noctua NF-P12 Review

About the Brand

Designed in Austria, Noctua’s premium cooling components are internationally renowned for their superb quietness, exceptional performance and thoroughgoing quality. Having received more than 1000 awards and recommendations from leading hardware websites and magazines, Noctua’s fans and heatsinks are chosen by more than a hundred thousand satisfied customers around the globe.

About the Company

Noctua comes from a cooperation of the Austrian Rascom Computerdistribution Ges.m.b.H. with the Taiwanese cooling specialist Kolink International Corporation, pooling more than ten years of experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-end cooling components. Established in 2005, Noctua took the international silent enthusiasts’ hearts by storm and quickly developed into one of the most acclaimed suppliers of premium quality quiet cooling products. Today, Noctua is present in more than 30 countries across the globe and working with several hundred sales partners. Chosen by noise conscious PC users, system integrators and industry clients alike, Noctua has become synonymous with impeccable quality, excellent customer service and class leading quiet cooling performance.


From the very beginning of  the first computers Fan’s where a necessity because they are needed to keep system within operating temperatures.

Nowadays things haven’t changed a lot , even throw we do have now Water based System , and even Passive Cooling components, but the Fan has not passed to secondary accessory, it is used in radiators,cases,power supplies,motherboards. But with all the hardware  evolution the fanthemselves have been improved.Nowadays actually we have extended the need for more CFM , with less noise and power consumption, because of the enthusiasts system rigs, or extreme Overclocking system’s , or even a domestic silent system.

The Fan will be testing today it’s a good example of it you are about to find out.Noctua claims the NF-P12 has been specifically designed for high-impedance applications such as processor coolers and watercooling rigs and features “psychoacoustic” improvements to make it less annoying to the human ear.


Specifications NF-P12
Size 120 x 120 x 25mm
Bearing SSO-bearing
Blade geometry Nine blade design with VCN
Rotational speed 1300RPM
Rotational speed with L.N.A. 1100RPM
Rotational speed with U.L.N.A. 900RPM
Airflow 92.3m³/h (54.32CFM)
Airflow with L.N.A. 78.5m³/h (46.2CFM)
Airflow with U.L.N.A. 63.4m³/h (37.32CFM)
Acoustical noise 19.8dBA
Acoustical noise with L.N.A. 16.9dBA
Acoustical noise with U.L.N.A. 12.6dBA
Static pressure 1.68 mm H2O
Static pressure with L.N.A. 1.43 mm H2O
Static pressure with U.L.N.A. 1.21 mm H2O
Input power 1.08W
Input current 0.09A
Voltage range 12V
MTBF > 150,000 hours
Warranty 6 years













Here it is the Specs Board I don’t pretend to speak about everything I want my Reviews Intuitive, less text the better.Some nice features which are worth to talk about it’s a 120mm Fan or 12cm if you like , and it has L.N.A and U.L.N.A.Well this is related to the Fan speed, Noctua include adapters to regulate Fan speeds. How do they Work? Well it’s like they have inside small resistors that kind under-volt the Fan to work lower Speed , this gives you a nice and silent operating fan. And the other fact that Noctua gives you 6 Years warranty, yes you read it right 6!

Judging from the Specs with 1300 rpm you get 54.32CFM airflow with a 19.8dBA noise! Which by the way is very impressive!

Packaging and Contents

The product housing has the regular Noctua Colors(Brown,Blue,Black)

They arrived well packed no damage, though  BOX was has it is. If you are interested in the NT-H1 Review click here.

At back you have product general description in 6 different languages and product specifications and features.

When i was Googling for the Noctua logo, i saw an image of this and i haven’t noticed it’s attached, and it has some detailed features related to the Fan and the Awards.


It come with a plastic protective case which besides protecting your product come in handy when you need to store your Fan and accessories.

The Fan has the Noctua Stampe and version NF-P12.

What do you get with the Package:

  • NF-P12 Fan
  • Ultra Low Noise Adapter (Blue)
  • Low Noise Adapter (Black)
  • 4 Vibration Compensators
  • 3 to 4-pin Adapter
  • Fan Screws

Accessories in Detail

Some might be thinking that you are paying for something you wont use, or doesn’t have a product value increase, then you are wrong.You are about to find out Why.

You get a 3 to 4-pin adaptor, the Blue U.L.N.A. which drops the RPM to 900 and the Black L.N.A. which drops the RPM to 1100. These adaptors feature a resistor which reduces the current, you can see it taped with black tape.

This rubber “Pin’s” are Vibration Compensators, not much to say this is how they work:

Because they are made of rubber they absorb vibrations, and without vibrations goes away those nasty sounds that could get produced with the Fan spinning vibrations attached to your case.


There’s not much sense in “going all out” with the specs of the Fan,because by now you should know, will just show you the main.

  • Nine Blade Design
  • Vortex Control Notches(*)
  • SC-Drive (SCD)(**)
  • SSO-Bearing(***)

The Vortex Control Notches (VCN) are staggered from blade to blade, allowing each blade to create a different vortex pattern.As a result,the noise is spread over a larger range of requencies and thereby makes it more pleseant for the human ear.”

The SC-Drive (SCD) Noctua’s Smooth Commutation Drive system provides more continuous switching in order to achieve a smoother transition between the stator coils and thereby significantly contributes to the fan’s overall quietness”

The  SSO-Bearing or Self-stabilising oil-pressure bearing technology is equipped with an additional magnet that supports the self-stabilisation of the rotor axis. This allows for a faster, more precise and more reliable centring of the rotor axis and thus increases the long-term stability and quietness of the bearing.(See image)

This is how it works

Let’s Finish the Package and Content’s here i don’t want to sound like a cracked Video tape.


Noctua NT-H1 Review


Thermally conductive paste improves the efficiency of a heatsink by filling air gaps that occur when the imperfectly flat and smooth surface of a heat generating component is pressed against the similar surface of a heatsink, air being approximately 8000 times less efficient at conducting heat  than, for example, aluminum, a good heatsink material.Surface imperfections and departure from perfect flatness inherently arise from limitations in manufacturing technology and range in size from visible and tactile flaws such as machining marks or casting irregularities to sub-microscopic ones not visible to the naked eye.


Volume: 1.4ml (for at least 15 applications)
Specific Gravity: 2.49 g/cm³
Color: Gray
Recommended storage time (before use): Up to 2 years
Recommended usage time (on the CPU): Up to 3 years
Peak operating temperature: -50ºC to +110ºC
Recommended operating temperature: -40ºC to +90ºC

Packaging and Contents

Noctua’s NT-H1 thermal compound comes in a plastic protective package.

The cardboard package has product features, specifications, instructions and information about Noctua.


Noctua’s NT-H1 comes in a syringe of 1,4ml( for at least 15 applications)

The information on the the syringe is strategical, including a brief description and some usage warnings.

Instalation and Tests

What will be Tested is the Performance  of the Coolers with stock Paste against NT-H1 Premium Grade Compound and other High performance compounds.

The testing will consist on it’s performance with different types of Coolers ,obviously i can’t test the NT-H1 in all the Coolers, so i choose 3 with different price Tags and types.

Testing System

What will be Tested is the Performance and Noise of the Coolers with stock Fan against NF-P12 Fan and Thermal Paste performance.

For the testing click here

I Would like to thank Noctua for providing this sample.


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