GSKILL PC3-10666 4GB Ripjaws X CL7 XH (2x2GB) DDR3 Review

Before Starting The Review some Info about Gskil™ Corporation

“G.SKILL”, established in 1989 by enthusiasts, is a leading memory module Manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan.
With traditional strengths, we have built an excellent reputation by meeting market demand and fostering business competitiveness both locally and internationally with our dedications to provide competitive prices, On-Time Delivery, Assured Quality, Customer-Oriented Services and Diversity of Products.

Product Specifications

Gskill Side:

Building on the strong success of the first generation Ripjaws brand in performance memory kits, every single RipjawsX memory kit is hand-tested on an Intel Sandy Bridge platform in accordance with G.Skill’s strict internal testing procedure, to ensure the best in class performance, compatibility and reliability across a range of popular motherboards. It is the perfect memory solution for PC gamers, performance workstations, enthusiast power users and anyone who loves the cutting-edge of technology!The following list shows the detail specifications of G.Skill RipjawsX family.

Packaging and Contents

They come well packed and good looking pack, the Black really fit’s them well. Along with the memories you get a plastic protective case to store them safely inside.

Included in the package comes a small black cardboard with the General product specifications in it.


Installation and Tests

Before starting the Tests take in consideration that these are 50$ budget memories, and I don’t exepect them to beat the 300$, the main Purpose is to see what a cheap Kit is capable to achieve.

I was Waiting for my the return of my LGA1155 to test these with a i5 2500k , but it has not returned yet from RMA.

Testing System

One thing you should Know when you are picking a SandyBridge memory pack, it that it shouldn’t have more then 1,65v. Why? Simple.

BEWARE: Processores have one thing called IMC (Internal Memory Controller), if you have a pack let’s say 1,7v 1333mhz , even if you dont Overclock, and use everything in AUTO BIOS settings,  and that fact the processor IMC(AUTO) will adjust it’s voltage to a higher voltage then what is desirable for a SandyBridge Processador wich in a long term use of a processor might cause damage to the CPU.

On other hand if you happen to pick a Kit , for example of 12800 CL9 1,65v, i think  it’s a bad ideia too, because if you are Overclocking you can’t get past the 1,65v or else…Based on this knowledge , the Gskill Ripjaws series really hits the Spot, they Work at 1,5v wich leaves some “GAP”, to increase and Overclock. If you are really interested in Good Overclocking Memories for your New SandyBridge Setup I would recomend the New Gskill Ripjaws 12800 CL6/7  1,5v Kits.


The testing included the following software:

  • Sisoft Sandra
  • SuperPI
  • AIDA64
  • CPU-Z
  • Prime95 and Memtest+


Please Be Aware by Defaut in Bios the settings are 9-9-9 24. Even if you dont OC, you should change timmings manually to 7-7-7 21!

I used Prime95 and Memtest+ for stability testing.

Overcloking Results

I tried the 1600Mhz with 7-7-7 21/7-7-7-24@1,6v wans’t fully stable.Tried the 1700Mhz 8-8-8 24 wans’t fully stable either.

Sisoft Sandra

(Higher is better)

1333Mhz/ CL 7-7-7 21 @1,5v

1600Mhz 7-8-7  24@1,6v

1700Mhz CL8-9-8 24 @1,6v

1800Mhz CL9-9-9 24@1,6v

SuperPI 1M

(Lower is better)

1333Mhz/ CL 7-7-7 21 @1,5v

1600Mhz 7-8-7  24@1,6v

1700Mhz CL8-9-8 24 @1,6v

1800Mhz CL9-9-9 24@1,6v


(Higher is better)

(Higher is better)

(Lower is better)

Some might get a little “dizzy” by the results , like how is that 1333Mhz 7-7-7 21, is worse then 1600Mhz 7-8-7 24@1,6v. It’s because the Latency is calculated by a relation between the Cas divided Memory Mhz.

  • G.Skill Ripjaws X F3-10666 CL7 XH (2x2GB) cost ~50€ in Portugal.
  • Overclock very easily and are 1,5v which leave some gap to OC them up to 1,6v/1,65v Max in SB’s
  • Probably the best ~50€ Memory pack, can go up to 1800Mhz / 9-9-9-24 1,6v
  • Attractive apearence
  • Cool Kit
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • I faced some instability trying 1700Mhz/8-8-8-24@1,6v


The fisrt time I saw this Kit , I got the feeling it would be a Best buy for the ~50€ range of 2x2GB Packs, Hopefully i was right. 1800Mhz at CAS9 , with 1,6v. It’s not a shame for such a Budget kit. I would recomend these to Low to Medium Overclocks, if you want a greater kit, go with the Gskll 12800 CL6 1,5v.

I would like to thank Gskill for providing this sample

Best Regards




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