Thermal Compound Roundup

Thermal compound is very important when it comes to running a cool computer. It helps to facilitate the dissipation of heat from the processor to the heatsink.The efficiency thermal interface should not be underestimated in the world of CPU and GPU coolers where much effort is spent to lower the temperature of electronic chips by even one or two degrees.

Today I will be taking a look at these thermal compounds

Packed and ready to start:p

Here i believe it’s important to say that the one that seams the most “wet” , is  the AC MX-4, followed by the NT-H1, then Antec Formula7. The AC MX-2 and Tuniq TX-4 , seam denser.

Instalation and Tests

(Let’s Hope i have TX-4 to all the testing)

Testing Methodology

  • Tests were executed with a ambient temperature inside case about~25 degrees Celsious and IDLE settings were taken after ~30 Minutes of idle.
  • System was  Primed in the Overclock Settings during ~4 hours for each reading.
  • Let’s check the results:D

Testing System

Overclock Settings(CPU-Z)

Antec H2O 620 W/Noctua NF-P12 Results


  • I couldn’t test with any other coolers, cause i run out of TX-4 (i had only a small sample from a sunbeamtech cooler)
  • The Antec Formula 7 and the Artic Cooling MX-4 have delivered the best performance results!

Special Thanks to Noctua, Antec and Artic Cooling which made this comparison possible.

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