Antec P193 Review vs Scaleo 600

Antec, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets. Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and has maintained its position as a worldwide market leader and international provider of quiet, efficient and innovative products. Antec has also achieved great success in the distribution channel, meeting the demands of quality-conscious system builders, VARs and integrators.

A Curiosity Antec is one of the Company that in the Last 5 years has had a Significant Quality Increase. Making Antec probably the best PSU, and Case Company seller in the hole World. Due to it´s low RMA Components percentage even lower than Corsair. Antec sells Computer Accessories, Fan Leds and Netbook cooling devices too.



Antec P193 Features & Specifications

  • Dual chamber design isolates heat and noise: the power supply resides in a separate chamber to isolate heat and reduce system noise
  • No power supply included
  • Power supply option: comes with a power supply mounting adapter to mount either a standard size power supply or Antec’s exclusive CP Series power supply
  • Innovative two-layer, sound-deadening side panels (steel, polycarbonate) and three-layer front door (aluminum, plastic, aluminum) dampen noise and ensure Quiet Computing™
  • 11 drive bays
    – External 4 x 5.25″; 1 x 3.5″
    – Internal 6 x 3.5″ for HDD
  • Cooling system:
    – 1 rear (standard) 120mm x 25mm exhaust TriCool™ fan
    – 2 top (standard) 140mm x 25mm exhaust TriCool™ fan
    – 1 lower front chamber (optional) 120mm fan for HDD
    – 1 side (standard) 200mm fan for dual graphics cards
    – 1 upper front (optional) 120mm fan for HDD
    – 1 middle (optional) 120mm fan for graphic cards
  • Cable organizers behind motherboard tray minimize cable clutter
  • Front-mounted ports provide convenient connections:
    – 2 x USB 2.0
    – 1 x eSATA
    – Audio In and Out (HDA and AC 97 compatible)
  • Double hinged door opens up to 270º
  • 7 expansion slots
  • 0.8mm cold rolled steel chassis for durability
  • Motherboard: Mini-ITX, microATX, Standard ATX and Extended ATX
  • Net weight: 35.8 lbs / 16.25 kg
  • Gross weigh: 41.7 lbs / 18.9 kg
  • Case dimensions:
    – 20.25″ (H) x 8.1″ (W) x 23.25″ (D)
    – Actual clearance needed for width is 9.5″ due to the side panel fan
    – 51.4 cm (H) x 20.5 cm (W) x 59 cm (D)
  • Package dimensions:
    – 13.25″ (H) x 25.8″ (W) x 28.75″ (D)
    – 33.7 cm (H) x 65.5 cm (W) x 73 cm (D)
  • What’s new in the P193:
    – Front door vents, as well as wider vents along the door frame, improve airflow into the chassis.
    – Filters and filter doors are integrated as one unit. The doors themselves have been modified to provide greater airflow, resulting in cooler system temperatures.
    – Drive bay covers are vented and include air filters to provide better airflow.
    – Lower chamber fan is now located in front of the hard drive cage, allowing for installation of longer PSUs as well as easier cable routing between the lower HD cage and the power supply.
    – The Big Boy 200™, a 200mm fan, is moved outward to give more clearance for taller heatsinks. Externally removable washable air filter allows for easier maintenance.

The designing PC cases is getting harder as time goes by, has consumer exigencies goes up, and Antec knows this better than anyone , and there´s so much to take into consideration when making a Good PC Case. Things like Case size, Drive bays quantity, easy hardware installation, making sure Components like Large CPU cooler don´t deteriorate Airflow. The Included Fan´s must be placed in the right places to maximize Airflow and minimize emitted Sound, The Case physical appearance must be attractive and desirable and it´s construction must be with good material, all this minimizing Price. So Case will have some plastic, and there´s the Problem not to make it look like Cheap. The Antec P193 has it all, as we will see.

Package and Accessories

The P193 comes in Antec’s typical retail black and golden packaging.


AT the Front and back of the Case you get an Overview of the Case against a black background.

On the Sides there´s list of specifications in different languages. Inside the box the case is well protected by 2 large pieces of Styrofoam and cardboard. When you get the case out the front and both sides have plastic on them for protection.


The included accessories are drive rails for 5.25′/3.5′ bays, cable ties, various screws, front door keys, fan clips and a support bracket for longer video cards. There is also a warranty statement and product overview flyer.

Case Exterior

“A Class All Its Own
Larger and more versatile, the Antec P193 stands apart from the competition with room to handle the biggest hardware out there. Together with the cooling features and Quiet Computing™ technologies that the Performance One series is renowned for, the P193 is truly in a class all its own.”

Just a Curiosity Antec P193 side by side with an Nzxt Zero (in further forums I will be putting P193 vs Zero, this is just a Warm Up!)

Antec P193 has a metal finish on the Front and both sides of the case. The front of the case is covered by a door that gives a solid appearance to the Case and has 4 openings on the side that look very nice, thus allow air to flow into the case.In the Top we have 2×140 mm FAN to aid CPU cooling.

Once The Front door is opened there are four 5.25′ bays one 3.5′ bay and two removable fan filters. Thus there´s on the front there´s a panel with power and reset switches, eSATA, two USB as well as microphone and headphone jacks. All of the front bay covers are vented and filtered!

The right side Panel of the case is “normal”, and keeps the same setting has the Front Panel. But the left side houses a 200mm FAN!

Having a close look on the left panel we notice that all around the 200mm there´s like a “Respirator” that works as an Inflow of fresh air to the 200mm and this Fan has a Removable/washable dust filter.

Looking at the Back of the case we have I/O shield plate, 120mm fan, seven expansion slots, holes for watercooling and a bottom mount for the power supply.

At the top of the Back there´s a Fan controller for the two top 140mm fans and the one back 120mm fan. The lateral 200 mm fan has a Controller too, but is only accessed when case is opened.

Case Interior

Taking out the two side panels, the right side panel is smooth at the left side panel there´s a 200mm fan, honestly a Queen. The fan has a 4-pin Molex for power and a switch for speed control. It would be better to have this switch mounted for external control in the side panel like the rest of the fans. Both panels are made of a combination of rubber and steel which gives them some weight but also helps to dampen noise.

The P193 is a long mid tower case, it will accommodate full length video cards and eATX motherboards. And brings Accessories to it, like a Sticker to secure your full length Video card against HDD cage.

The HDD cages are easily removed by removing a single Screw and pulling that little ring on the side, the installation of HDD´s could be improved.

The interior of the case is divided into two separated compartments, the bottom compartment holding the power supply, while the upper compartment holds the motherboard and the video card. Heat is removed from the bottom compartment by a 120mm allowing the power supply to draw the warm air out of the case. Therefore avoiding heat getting from one Chamber to another.And there are a lot of holes for cable to go throw.

The Power Supply mounting area is surrounded by rubber all around to reduce undesired vibration, and there´s a Space between Case end and The PSU to allow inflow of air.




Installation and tests for Antec P193

Testing System

MotherBoard Asus M4A785T-M
Processor AMD Athlon II 240
Graphics card SAPPHIRE HD4890 VAPOR-X 1GB GDDR5
HDD WD 80GB;Seagate 160GB;2x250GB WD Raid0
Power Supply Antec True Power 750
Memories GeIL PC3-10660 4GB GAMING EVO ONE C7 (2x2GB)
CPU Cooler Scythe Yasya
Case Antec P193

I have 4 HDD´s installed, still Much more can be added Case is not a cable mess! Longer Power Supply´s fit too.

At the Back you have a lot of Space between the right side panel and Motherboard tray to hide all the cables you can possible need. There´s a Small compartment for Cable ties, Screws etc, at the back of the case too!

Finally System is Mounted and ready for testing.

Remember how many Components I have inside the case this is it, it won´t worse than this as long as you know how to use the P193 space in the right way.

Before starting the tests there are some important things to take into consideration.

  • Antec P193 Fan Specs
  • 120mm Fan Specs:

Low: 1200RPM, 25dBA, 39 CFM
Med: 1600RPM, 28dBA, 56 CFM
HIgh: 2000RPM, 30dBA, 79CFM

  • 140mm FAN SPECS:

Low: 700RPM, 20dBA, 47 CFM
Med: 1100RPM, 21dBA, 66.8CFM
High: 1500RPM, 32dBA, 94.6CFM

  • 200mm FAN SPECS

Low: 400RPM, 24dBA, 83CFM
Med: 600RPM, 27dBA, 108CFM
High 800RPM, 29dBA, 134CFM

1st Part – Default Settings

Ambient Temperature: 29-30C



*Take notice that the ambient temperature at the date of the test of The Scaleo 600 was 22/23C.

In idle, having The P193 Fan´s at high or Low wasn’t much of a difference.

Still The Antec P193 Shows a lot better Temperatures at the GPU, Chipset and CPU*, than Scaleo 600.

2nd Part – Overclocked Settings

All testes where done with 3,7Ghz CPU

BIOS Configuration, Everything in Manual, it´s just a shame I could get a better MB for testing.

In Overclocked settings things are a bit of a mess with the Exception that Antec P193 is clearly running cooler than the Scaleo 600 even when this one has working with much lower ambient temperatures.

One thing that could be confusing is that in IDLE Temperature the HDD temperature is higher than at Full load. And GPU temperatures in Low Speed are lower than at High. Probably just a Coincidence in this case since HD 4890 series is characterized by a bad Auto fan Speed Control.

On other Hand Chipset temperatures at Full load with Fan Speeds at High are equal to idle, which is very good and Impressive.


The Antec P193 is a good looking case with a Solid Front appearance. Has Fan speed Controls, great Cooling with 1x200mm (side), 2x140mm (Top) plus 120mm (Back), Cable Management even to Non-Modular PSU´s, a lot´s of Space to work in the inside even fits eATX and Full Length Video cards like 5870.Some interesting “special” features like key Locking, small Compartment inside the case to keep Screw´s or tools, Fan filters Pretty much Everywhere, and Dual chamber Compartment design.

There are some things that I didn´t find that great like HDD attachment, The Cages are Fine and Well thought , but the attachment of the HDD could have a Quicker and Easier interface. It´s a heavy Case, PSU cable length could be a Problem, especially the CPU energy Connector.

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