“G. SKILL”, established in 1989 by enthusiasts, is a leading memory module Manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan.
With traditional strengths, we have built an excellent reputation by meeting market demand and fostering business competitiveness both locally and internationally with our dedications to provide competitive prices, On-Time Delivery, Assured Quality, Customer-Oriented Services and Diversity of Products.

G.Skill is a known brand for every PC gamer and enthusiast, it has has been in the memory market for a great amount of years now and is a big player in the products aimed for the enthusiast overclocker with some of their memories achieving world records. However, top-of-the-line memory can be expensive and the price conscious gamer needs something that still promises rock stable performance while also keeping the price affordable and that is what the memory kit from G.Skill that we have for review today promises. The F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR is a very affordable 8GB 1600MHZ DDR3 memory kit that boasts good stock speeds and a great looking design that will certainly appeal to the gamer with a budget. Let’s take a look at the memory sticks and the packaging:

The packaging itself is very simple but good looking. It comes with the memory sticks,a G.Skill sticker and the backpaper with some nice design and the kit information.

And here it is, the 8GB Sniper memory kit. The design is clearly weapon inspired which will without a doubt please most gamers and the black color scheme will look good in virtually any motherboard. Meanwhile the label sticker gives the user information about the timings, operating voltage, memory speeds, etc.

The sticks indeed look very good. Let’s now see if the specifications go along with the looks.


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