Amaizing the results are much easier to obtain with this then with the previous cloth and paper coth cleaning solutions.

Both the Spray’s offer excelent results, the  main diferences between them will be that the 100% Natural does not have any smell and is a like “water” moisture.

While the 3X Strength, has a litle smell result of the anti-bacterial moisture and is more dense which provides a non-drip properties to it.

All things considered the absolute winner would be the 3x Strength Spray. Get one 240+60 mL these will literally last you a lifetime.


After two days I just noticed that the dust “isn’t has attracted” to my monitor panel has it was before, maybe they offer some kind of active protection after use, nice!

The Good:

  • Price
  • Best display cleaning cloth solution I have seen so far.
  • It does what’s advertised

The Bad:

  • If I find something I update.

I would like to thank Antec for providing this samples


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