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18 de August de 2011

Valve Wants EA Titles Back to Steam

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Written by: Pedro
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In an interview to the website Develop, Gabe Newell made clear that Valve wants EA games back to Steam.

According to Newell the reason some EA published games were removed from Steam, as well as the lack of plans for some upcoming EA titles to be released on Valve’s platform, is due to “a whole complicated set of issues”. While Newell seems optimistic that those disagreements can be settled he also stated that it’s up to Valve to show that is a good move for Electronic Arts to keep their games on Steam. Since Valve gets revenue from sales on the content bought at Steam its beneficial to the company to have such big franchises from EA such as the Crysis or Battlefield series available to purchase there.

With the release of EA’s Origin platform some titles by Electronic Arts have become “Origin Exclusive”, such as the upcoming Battlefield 3, and this decision has created some fuss on the PC community since a big amount of PC gamers use Steam as means of purchasing and playing their video games and they are not looking forward to use various platforms to access their content, specially for “platform exclusive” games.

You can read the interview and article at Develop’s website here.

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