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24 de August de 2011

The Future of REDLine PC

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Written by: Pedro
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Today I want to talk to you, the REDLine PC visitor, about our plans for the future and how are things looking to us at the moment.

As you may know the REDLine PC project is pretty recent but each day that passes we grow a little and as such we want to give the best experience possible to our visitors as well as increasing our capacities to support a fast growing community. With this in mind we started, in the 10th of August 2011, a major overhaul program here at REDLine PC in order to increase our quality and to improve the overall experience when visiting our website. With this article we will show you what we have done in this past few days as well as what we are planning to do in the near future.

What has been done so far:

- Addition of a new staff member (Rúben Carneiro).

- Redesign of the website template and position of various components.

- Almost 100% functional multi-language website supporting English for International and English speaking visitors as well as Portuguese for Portuguese speaking countries such as Brazil and Portugal.

- News and articles written are now completely original so you will never read the same news on REDLine PC that you may have read in another website.

- News and articles are also translated to Portuguese manually to ensure the best quality translation possible.

- Addition of 6 mirrors around the world for a faster website and better user experience as for example in Newark, Paris and Hong Kong.

- Huge amount of fixes in website bugs, grammar in texts, HTML and much more.

- All around website proofreading.

- Addition of Google Adsense to help support website costs.

What will be done:

- We are in the process of creating a forum for the community and we are hoping to make it available as quickly as possible.

- Improvements on our presence on social networks.

- New upcoming Facebook page created by a professional designer.

- Creation of Steam community group.

- Creation of a new logo.

- Addition of a favicon.

- New high end test system.

- Creation of various different awards for our reviews.

- New evaluation system for our reviewed products.

- Improved reviews.

- More mirrors in other locations of the world.

- Giveaways and contests so you can have a chance to win great products.

- A lot more minor stuff.

While it sometimes may seem that no work is being done and/or no news and articles are being posted we can assure you that we are working really hard each day and being a small staff as of now we have a heavy workload so please have patience.

We count with your help to make our website better and bigger so keep visiting us, comment our news and articles, spread the word on REDLine PC and we will all win with it.

Thank you for you support.

The REDLine PC Staff

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