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17 de September de 2011

Text me dear Android, with love – Mightytext

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Written by: Miguel
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Are you an Android phone user? If so you have to check Mightytext out because now you can send and receive SMSs on your computer using your actual phone number…isn’t that great? And it’s not all about the messages cause you can also see who’s calling you now, the missed calls and you can do all this while your “android” can be chillin’ out at home, sleeping in your pocket or watching out for your car (i bet you all see your devices like real buddies , right? Because I do)!




Mightytext is still on beta but people are loving it!

Install it now. It’s free!

Requirements: Android with 2.2 or higher + Google Chrome browser




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Hello, my name is Miguel Fontes e Sousa. I’ve got a crush on the webworld in general and my weakspot are gadgets and apps! I’m just a curious guy about these subjects since my family bought me an Atari 2600 console. Hmmm…a long time ago.