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6 de June de 2011

Spire Announces the Swirl Universal CPU Cooler

Spire Corp officially introduced its new Swirl CPU cooler today. Utilizing three (3) sintered powder all copper 8mm thick heat pipes and a vertical cylinder design the Swirl is ready to push your CPU to maximum performance. The Swirl is constructed with a combination of an all copper base and all-direction aluminum fins to provide sufficient heat-transfer and good cooling for the hot 130W ~ 150W micro-processors. The Swirl heat-sink and heat-pipes are both soldered and protected with a thin layer of dark-nickel coating to protect from oxidation and to preserve awesome looks. The vertical mounted fan is equipped with 4 bright red LEDs that give a cool glow inside your enclosure. Universal support for both Intel and AMD based systems makes this a versatile solution for any PC system. The Swirl is one of the most appealing coolers on the market and a great solution for those enthusiasts, gamers and professionals alike.



Main Features:

  • Three (3) 8mm all copper U-shaped copper heat-pipes
  • Straight lined heat-pipes allowing air to easily pass through
  • All-directional 45 aluminum fins for best surface rate
  • Dark-Nickel coated heat-sink to preserve killer looks from oxidation
  • Vertical 7.5cm long 9 blade red LED Ball-bearing DC fan
  • Manual fan (RPM) speed control unit included
  • PCI controller allows user to manually set RPM from 800~2000RPM
  • High Quality, Long MTBF Japanese No.1 Ball bearing
  • Supports Intel 1155/1156 & 1366 sockets and AM2/AM3 sockets
  • 5 Year supported manufacturer warranty


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