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21 de September de 2011

Social Network Google + Launched

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Written by: Pedro
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Well, after a trial period in which the registration of new accounts was restricted, today Google Plus became available to all users.
Vic Gundotra, senior vice-president of engineering at Google, confirmed on the official page that today the social network is in final version and perfectly stable.

Google plus new social network


With this release some features become available on the mobile version of the social network, such as video conferencing hangouts, which was previously only available on PC, now only available to Google Android 2.3 users, but soon will be extended  to Apple iOS.
It should be noted that during the three months that the social network was restricted in trial it gained over 20 million users.
According to Larry Page, Chief Executive of the company, Google + major goal is ” make sharing on the web like sharing in real life, as well as improve the overall Google experience”
What do you think of this social network? Are you already using it?

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  • Carlos Santos

    Posso dizer, que estou a gostar bem mais o G+ do que do FB, acho que esta a tornar-se algo muito bom, e poderá fazer com que a Google volte a superar todas as espectativas!

    • Rui Tiago

      Obrigado pelo comentário Carlos, é bom saber que as nossas noticias servem para algo.

      Também tenho usado o Google + e pelo pouco que usei gostei.

      Cumprimentos e volte sempre ;)

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