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22 de September de 2011

Singing in the rain, walking on JoliCloud

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Written by: Miguel
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jolicloud OS

In the quest for the perfect operative system (OS) for my netbook, i had to face many “heavy dragons” and cross plenty of “dark roads” of the OS world…Recently i found an amazing solution for all of the netbook users that are willing to exterminate their current slow and complicated OS for good…the solution is Jolicloud.

Jolicloud is a OS that combines the best of two worlds because it uses it’s amazing “cloud” based capabilities and the simplicity of offline working possibilities. Now you can give a new life to any old computer that you have by simply installing Jolicloud on it! Just choose if you want to keep your Windows OS with Jolicloud (Dual boot) or just Jolicloud.

jolicloud 1.2 home screen

Main screen


jolicloud 1.2 apps screen

Apps screen


jolicloud 1.2 documents



jolicloud 1.2 Activities panel

Activities panel

It’s easy to install and it’s free to use.


            Jolicloud transformed the sadest darkest times of my netbook

in a delightful Broadway musical!


Jolicloud 1.2 review video:




No money needed


The install process of Jolicloud is very easy


Portable Desktop
You can acess to your Jolicloud from some mobile device or pc from the site:


Simple and sleek. Jolicloud looks great and it glues us to the screen for countless hours


Essential apps
More than 750 apps that are crucial nowdays (Facebook, Dropbox, Googledocs,Gmail…)


Hibrid system
Working offline or flying in the web between the clouds…it’s the best of the two worlds


Very light OS
This OS boots and performs quickly. It’s a lightweight OS!


Jolicloud was especially made for netbooks and it fits like a glove



The customization is still very limited for this version 1.2


Installing non-Jolicloud apps
It’s hard to find a launcher for non-Jolicloundian apps


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About the Author

Hello, my name is Miguel Fontes e Sousa. I’ve got a crush on the webworld in general and my weakspot are gadgets and apps! I’m just a curious guy about these subjects since my family bought me an Atari 2600 console. Hmmm…a long time ago.