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14 de June de 2011

PCCooler OC3 W120 Combines Tower-Type Air Cooler with Water Block

PC cooler OC3 hybrid w120 02

What happens when you mash up a CPU tower-type air-cooler with a water-block? You get PCCooler OC3 W120. This innovative cooler combines a tower-type air cooler design with a water block. First, there’s a typical heatsink that has a polished copper base and heat pipes originating from the base, conveying heat to a aluminum fin stack; next, at the top of the stack are fittings that connect the cooler to a liquid-cooling loop. The water tubes pass through the aluminum fin stack just like heat pipes, before reaching the base of the heatsink. At the base, a micro-fin plate and block chamber makes direct contact with the heat pipes and the base below.

The aluminum fin stack holds one 120 mm fan to ventilate it. The fins are of irregular shape and are dimpled to increase surface area and turbulence. With its unique hybrid design, the PCCooler OC3 W120 can handle thermal loads of up to 500W. PCCooler OC3 W120 is made by Chinese company Shenzhen Fluence Technology, its products are exclusively sold in the Asian markets.

Source: Expreview

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