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26 de October de 2011

Logitech Lisbon Conference – Tablets

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Written by: Miguel
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Conference Logitech Tablet


ogitech once proved why it is among the best when the main subject is technology. And that happened again this year, this time in it’s 30th anniversary, full of ambition and energy, ready for 30+ to come!

That’s how the Logitech’s conference went on Lisb’On Hostel in Lisbon with good vibe and professionalism, characteristics of the brand. REDLine PC was thrilled! The local of the event couldn’t have been better. The bright union of colour, sophistication and relaxation matched perfectly with the new announced products by Logitech!


There’s no reason to doubt that Logitech knows it’s customers very well and that why it’s big gamble for the future will be the components for tablets. And for the brand the future starts now with the release of the Speakers Stand for iPad, a Keyboard Case/Stand for the iPad 2 and  a Stand/ Fold-Up Keyboard  that protects the iPad and with a “magic” movement you can make appear the hidden keyboard  like if taking a rabbit out from the hat!

For the audiophiles the news were many from the Wireless Headsets to the Ultimate Ears Headsets line – the Ultimate Ears 200vi and 350vi. The Wireless Boombox Speaker was elected by the majority of the people present at the event as the Most Outstanding Product – It was one of REDLine PC favourites too!

Also in the spotlight were the Joystick that makes iPad a traditional yet futuristic analog controlled console and the Tablets Speakers for iPad that deliver a “sound worth sharing”.

Magic, bombastic sound and lot of love and support won’t be missing for the pretty son of Apple – the iPad 2!

– I can tell you.


We like to thank to Lewis PR and Logitech for this great opportunity.


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