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31 de May de 2011

iPhone and iPad with 3D effects

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Written by: Pedro

Now you can download i3D for free, the i3D is an application for IOS systems that establishing a 3D effect in accordance with the position of the user’s head. Works as follows: the front camera iPhone 4 or 2 iPad see where your head and go according to the changing angle.

The idea is interesting, even at an early stage. The application can recognize the faces well, but if the movements are too fast, or far from the camera, the application ends up confused and with wrong angles. Slow and subtle movements work best, but dont takes full 3D experiece with these movements.

Perhaps in the near future with powerful hardware implementation can follow more smoothly all the moves, or even a front camera with higher resolution and larger angle.

The brightness can also have an influence on the results, but it stills to be an interesting idea to develop further and apply other concepts, such games could result.


For download follow this link:



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