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30 de September de 2011

Iphone 5 in October’s 4th?

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Written by: Miguel
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iphone 5

“Lets talk Iphone” 5 in October’s 4th? Well No escape on that one!


For all the apple’s fans and non-fans, waiting for the release day of new Iphone 5 is, for the first ones, like the biggest wildebeest migration in Serengeti in which there are millions of these beautiful-juicy-heavy-muscular creatures (iphone) that are waiting to be caught by the hungry big sharp teeth crocodiles (apple’s fans) and the non-fans I just can compare them to a well trained team of snipers waiting to shoot their target (iphone)…


Sorry for this description…i will try to stop with the analogies.


Apple’s ex-CEO, Steve Jobs,  is now the new chairman of the company’s board while is spot was filled by Tim Cook. And of course there’s a question that everybody is willing to get an answer to: “Is Tim Cooking an all-new Iphone 5 with his team?”. Well no one knows for sure but there are rumours that point to be more than one phone on the frying pan while others guess that it will be just a nice seasoning improvement on the Iphone 4. Besides that, the latest report from TUAW say that this Iphone meal will be garnished with a A5 chip, 1GB of internal memory, an 8-megapixel camera and voice-control system named “Assistant”…hummm sounds delicious to me. “Oh no, a food analogy now…”

iphone 5 invite

Apple’s invitation for the Octobers 4th event was mailed out to the world and it makes us think that,according with the red number on the green phone,probably there will be only one Iphone being launched and no more than that. But wait a minute (or several days)…!I was never good on charades so i might be wrong and there might be several more surprises.


So if your are a big Apple fan (like me) I will recommend large doses of Tilia tea for the anxiety while waiting for Tim‘s Cookie(s)…


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