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7 de October de 2011

Help! iPhone 5!

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Written by: Miguel
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iphone 5 vs iphone 4s

It’s Iphone 4S vs the Universe!

The world is a tough place to walk around right now and when the new Iphone 4S was unveiled in 4th October, people were expecting a lot more…a whole new design, a bigger screen and all kind of improvements and features…they were expecting a different phone. Apple has given us almost look-alike design, a equal size screen but wait a moment there were some significant improvements:


An improved 8 mega-pixels camera with a new optic systems that will extract more light from the environment and allow to make more vivid photos! “Dad, is that a Digital Camera? No son, it’s the iPhone.”


A A5 dual-core processor dual-core graphics that will allow us to play the the cutting-edge games at an incredible  Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird jet plane speed! “Is that a big motorized bird? Nope son…it’s the iPhone”


Way faster downloading speeds. “What is a download papa? Forget it son…”


Shoots videos at an incredible 1080p that you can watch on your HD devices -HDTV, laptops or whatever…


The new IOS5 with tons of new features!


And  a new assistant called “Siri”, a sublime secretary that will obey at your wishes like setting the alarm-clock for you to wake-up before noon, send a sorry message to your beloved for the forgotten wedding anniversary or asking ,for example,directions to find the pharmacy…i’ll hope you don’t have to all this to Siri in the same day…She will do all of this things and more by your voice command (you should feel powerful by now). I just hope this Siri is still alive because according with the slash gear article ,she could be dead by now and probably being replaced by a even younger sister “Siri, the second” i suppose.


There are strong competitors on this battle…Samsung Galaxy II is one of them. He is bigger (4 inch screen), he’s younger and damn good looking (top-of-the-line display technology) and he got a memory to envy.


But how will this iPhone 4S evolve and transform into iPhone 5? What changes will Apple developers make to this model…3D display, bigger dimensions, holograms images, see-through touch-screen?


What do you think will be the future of Iphone?

Ps: R.I.P Steve Jobs.

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