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17 de September de 2011

iOS 5 vs Windows 8

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Written by: Pedro
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Following the article we published this week about the latest release of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, which increased the requirements around the operating systems with a greater range of possible devices to operate with.

But like every software/hardware need to be confronted with the remaining competition, and WinRumors launched a comparison between the new upcoming version of IOS and Windows 8.

In terms of hardware was used for Apple’s iOS the iPad 2 and Samsung Series 7 Slate for Windows 8, so the comparison is not based on the hardware but the native features of each o.s.

No more talk then I leave you the video in order to draw your own conclusions.

PS: You should be aware that being neither one or other final versions of the operating systems the results may change with the final builds.

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