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15 de August de 2011

Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors Will be Sold Without Cooler

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Written by: Pedro
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According to this article at VR-Zone, the upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge-E CPUs will be shipped without the stock cooler everyone is familiar, in fact there will be no cooler at all.

Being the upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors (3820/3930K/3960X) aimed for the enthusiast market this move actually makes sense since no enthusiast will maintain the stock cooler (for a long time at least) and usually gets an after market high end air cooler or even watercooling. Overall this move seems great because not only can this save a “few bucks” to Intel but can (and will) benefit the aftermarket cooling business.

The odd fact here is that Intel is giving the option to buy their own coolers separately which makes no sense at all giving the fact they were never good, not even their latest which comes bundled with their I7 9-series Extreme CPUs (albeit a good improvement from their previous ones).

This move contrasts with AMD’s intention of bundling their upcoming top of the line FX processors with liquid cooling solutions and with some rumours that these Sandy Bridge-E CPUs are showing TDP levels well above those they are rated, makes us wonder even more of what these latest news mean.

Can this be a more enthusiast oriented plan by both companies or plain and simply these upcoming Intel and AMD CPUs just produce a lot of heat? I guess that (as usual) we will have to wait to find out.

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