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15 de November de 2011

Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors Released

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Written by: Pedro
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Intel has just released their new Sandy Bridge-E processors.

Before you ask, the “E” in Sandy Bridge-E stands for Extreme and you probably know what that means by now when talking about Intel processors. If you don’t and you drive Italian supercars pay attention because this is the right processor for you.

The Extreme processors by Intel are known for being the best consumer oriented CPUs you can buy. They feature incredible performance, state of the art technologies along with their feature rich platform and a very high price (with the top model always around the $1000 mark). The Sandy Bridge-E family is no exception being the latest release on Intel’s Extreme series of processors and features the architecture of the successful 2nd Generation Core i7 CPUs (Sandy Bridge). As of now only two models have been released so far.

Here are some of the specification of the two models:

Intel Core i7-3960X – 3.3Ghz (3.9Ghz Turbo) | 15MB L3 Cache | 6 Cores (12 Threads) | Price: $990

Intel Core i7-3930K – 3.2Ghz (3.8Ghz Turbo) | 12MB L3 Cache | 6 Cores (12 Threads) | Price: $555

With this release we can surely expect a full new range of motherboards (with the new LGA2011 socket and X79 chipset) and quad-channel memory solutions (due to the quad-channel support) popping up on the market very quickly.

While I mentioned earlier that these processors are for the really rich, their actual niche market is for those who use heavy multi-threaded applications (specially in their job) and in that aspect the Sandy Bridge-E processors thrives but for those who are looking for gaming performance or “not so heavy” multi-threaded applications you are better looking somewhere else since you will see no benefit.

Not even an enthusiast (non-professional) will gain any real life performance improvements but if you want to have the best of the best right now go ahead and buy a LGA2011 system but make sure you have enough money for food when you are done.

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