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15 de March de 2012

Grand Theft Auto V May Only Be Released in 2013

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Written by: Pedro
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Just like Blackjack, trying to make a guess in game release dates is somewhat of a gamble but this time it’s an expert analyst group that says that GTA V may only see the light of day in 2013.

According to an analyst group, Grand Theft Auto V may only be released in 2013. While almost everyone thought at first that it would be released by the holiday season of 2012 the analysts say that it is not likely to happen. The cause of this seems to be due to Rockstar not wanting to release the game (and therefore compete) at the same time as most other AAA games such as the new Call of Duty or Assassins Creed 3. While nobody likes to wait this can prove beneficial not only to Rockstar sales but also to the gamers since this means more time for the game to be polished before it’s release. Either the analyst firm is corrected or not only time will tell but even if the game gets released this year we still have a lot of months ahead of us and as time goes on more solid rumors may start to appear.


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