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15 de September de 2011

Google Search Engine, How Does It Work?

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Written by: Miguel
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Most of us use Google daily, but do we know what we use?

The Google search engine is the most popular when it comes the time when we want to know about tomorrow’s weather report, the day when our favourite football team plays or, for some of us, when will the new wonder from Apple pops-out or the next kinetic energy charger that forces us not to run 60 miles so that we can talk 1 hour to granny on our mobile.



This helpful web surfing friend is available since 1997 and it’s always at a distance of half a dozen buttons but most of us are unaware of how it mysteriously works to give us such precious information.

So get to know a little better of this fellow partner through this all pretty Flash site!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you …



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