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11 de November de 2011

Google Plus Fan Pages

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Written by: Pedro
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google fan pages

After the launch of Google Plus many new features have emerged but the most wanted was the fan pages. Since Monday 07/11/2011 it’s possible to create a fan page in Google Plus.

From now on besides being connected with friends, social network users may also be connected to their favourite fan pages, much to the style that has been going on facebook.


News on Google Plus

Perhaps one of the things that Google managed to innovate was in the search. There is the option to enable a feature called the “Direct Connection” that allows users of the largest search engine in the world connect to the fan pages Google Plus, typing only a + before the keyword search.

In addition to this feature, the pages of Google Plus can perform hangouts between fan pages and their followers, which allows group chat with video and users will also be able to add a page in the circle they find most suitable so they can filter what appears in the their wall.


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