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30 de May de 2011

Google Blocking access to Androids with root acess

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Written by: Pedro
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Google is blocking access to this new platform, the Movies, a simple tool, as simple as entering the Android Market, select the movie, pay for a rental and watch the movie. But this service will only work in devices which root are intact.

In other words, Android devices that have been “violated” by the root – which gives full control to the system and allows installation of custom ROMs – can not rent movies. By Google, the decision is “due to requirements related to protection of copyright. “

Although we think that the blame is on all of Google, is actually the producer who created this pressure to create such a clause that prevents access to devices with root – as it deems them to have access to the root is related to piracy and as such has to be blocked.

Google will have to reformulate a little on their offer on Movies, because the Netflix, a similar service and a movies competitor, and works on any Android modified or not.

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