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28 de May de 2011

Game Booster 2

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Written by: Pedro
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The computers are built to play, in most cases, machines with a top and setting a price often prohibitive. Nowadays, those who like to play on PC faces a huge dilemma: figure out which hardware to buy in order not to become obsolete after a few months.

But on the other side in any configuration software also occupies an important position, since that is the question: How to make the most of your platform and ensure that there is a good value for hardware / software?

There are applications that have the ability to “steer” the resources of your machine for the most demanding processing tasks. With this, when playing, you can be sure you are getting all the processing power of your computer. A good example is the Game Booster.


Many gamers already know and approve of the Game Booster. But this new version in addition to having a more consistent, has a number of new tools to extract the most out of your system. If the main purpose is to play on your computer, then do not pass next to the Game Booster 2.

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