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20 de October de 2011

Fyels – Sharing big time!

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Written by: Miguel
Tags: , , , share large files

With fyels the sharing process of big files has come a lot more easier!


Do you remember that 11Gb file that you have stored in your pc and that you would like to share it with someone?
“Whooo there…a 11 GB file isn’t a pretty big thing?”
“For you it might be but nor for fyels!!”

Fyels allows you, with enormous simplicity, to share files till 11GB size doing “browse” or trough the practical “drag and drop” system in the website



First – Make sure that you have a fast internet connection to be able to make a file deposit of Gigantic (Gigabytes ones) proportions!
Second – Follow the steps and then after loading the file tell the person you going to share the file to go to the link that is available below the file.
Third – That person is more than ready to download files!


Powerful sharing system, uh?
What do you think?

One of the great wonders in life is the sharing possibility.
With fyels never been that easy!

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