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24 de September de 2011

OMG! Facebook is Getting a Facelift!

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Written by: Miguel
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facebook timeline

The 2011 Facebook f8 (pronounced “fate” – cool) conference is over and big exciting things are coming!

For all of the Facebook community I’ve come to give you news…Facebook will have a brand new face because is doing a facelift operation – “Oh no! Are we gonna suffer also with this changes…? Please tell us, Social Surgeon Doctor!” – I think the Facebook developers that are working on it right now are very professional so this may hurt a bit at first but Facebook is mature enough to know what is best for him, right?

In 2010, Facebook introduced new features that are already part of your daily life, for example the “Like” button – and that didn’t deserved from us a a big “dislike” or did it?

facebook timeline

The biggest change in this facelift is the introduction of a new profile “Timeline”. You’ll be able to start from the beginning – “First there were the dinosaurs…” – Ok, maybe not that soon but you’ll be able to share your way, your story…imagine this for companies…imagine this for work interviews…wow…

There will also be available new apps that will allow you to share your “at-the-moment-favourite- everything”! This means people will be able to see, listen, know about the books, music, sports and all the other stuff you’re experiencing now! They’ll be able to listen the same music at the same time as you do…cool (again)!

facebook timeline

Oh i almost forgot…and you’ll be able to choose a wide cover with a unique image that “represents you best”…how cool is that?( 3x”cool”?!)

When will your Timeline on Facebook begins?

The “timeline” profile is already available but it’s still on beta and there could be security issues if you try it…but i will not punish you for that!

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