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21 de June de 2011

EVGA Doubles Memory on GeForce GTX 570

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Written by: Pedro
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EVGA released a new non-reference design graphics card based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 (part: 025-P3-1579-AR), boasting of twice the memory amount, at 2560 MB (2.5 GB). The 2.5 GB of GDDR5 memory is installed over a 320-bit wide memory interface, with a memory clock speed of 950 MHz (3.80 GHz effective), providing a memory bandwidth of 152 GB/s.

The added memory could improve performance on HD gaming with 120 Hz refresh-rates (for flicker-free stereo 3D). The core is clocked at 732 MHz, with the 480 CUDA cores running at 1464 MHz.

The card uses EVGA’s in-house design GF110 PCB, that is shorter than NVIDIA’s reference design. Its cooler resembles that of the GTX 560 Ti, and is designed to be quieter. Display outputs include two DVI, and one each of HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort. EVGA’s GTX 570 HD 2.5 GB is priced at US $399.99 at EVGA’s online store.


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