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11 de August de 2011

Gigabyte Announces Support for 22nm CPUs and PCI-E 3.0 on 6 Series Motherboards

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Written by: Pedro
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Gigabyte has recently announced that their 6 series motherboard range will be able to support upcoming 22nm Intel CPUs as well as the next generation PCI-E 3.0 technology via a BIOS update.


Gigabyte motherboard owners should head to Gigabyte’s website, download and install their motherboard’s latest BIOS so they can take advantage of all these new features. A list of all motherboards supporting the new 22nm CPUs and PCI-E 3.0 technology via the update is available here.

As technology advances faster and faster it has become usual for newly purchased hardware to become somewhat outdated in a small period of time so these are great news for Gigabyte motherboard users since they will be able to take advantage of new technologies while maintaining their motherboards without spending their hard earned money.

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