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7 de June de 2011

AMD FX Processor Systems seen running at E3 2011 (8 Core and 4 Core)


AMD FX Processor Systems seen running at E3 2011 (8 Core and 4 Core)

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011, AMD made its revival of the FX brand identifier official. The company steered clear of actually launching anything, but reran the audience through the AMD Bulldozer architecture, something AMD first did way back in August 2010 (yeah, it’s been that long!). Knowing the audience needed a lot more than just that, AMD ran live demos of gaming PCs running the new FX series processors, again, without giving away any performance figures.

AMD first showed the final box art design. The box of the eight-core FX Black Edition processor is a classy metal canister, while the quad-core FX chip is housed in a more common-looking paperboard box, the design of which matches the one revealed in a box-art exposé back in March. The gaming rigs shown run the eight-core FX processor on an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard, with Radeon HD 6900 series graphics, with an Eyefinity display setup.

An instance of next-generation AMD Overdrive software is running, displaying a surprisingly low 19°C temperature on all cores. This could be a glitch, probably because AOD doesn’t support the sensor interface of the new FX chips properly, yet. The other thing AOD reveals is that each of the eight cores is running on its own BClk multiplier value, ranging from 1.00 GHz (5 x 200 MHz), to 3.20 GHz (16 x 200 MHz). The core voltage for all the cores is displayed as 1.4V, again we suspect a low-level interface glitch.


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