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10 de August de 2011

AMD enters the RAM market with Radeon branded DDR3 memory

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Written by: Pedro
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With some AM3+ motherboards already on the market, the first FX series CPUs planning to launch in September and with the HD7000 series not so far away it’s time now for AMD to present us with it’s own Radeon branded DDR3 memory.

According to AMD’s website itself their memory is split into three different segments:

Entertainment series, aimed for the average home user or media PCs.

ULTRA PRO  Gaming series, aimed for gaming enthusiasts and high-end PCs.

Enterprise series, aimed for servers and workstations, focusing on stability and durability.

At present only 2GB modules are being sold with frequencies of 1333MHz (9-9-9) for the Entertainment series and 1600MHz (11-11-11) for the ULTRA PRO Gaming series. Specifications of the Enterprise series were not yet revealed. Entertainment series modules were seen in Japan for the US equivalent of around 20$. They feature no heat sink and look similar with OEM RAM modules, except for the AMD Radeon logo.

With this move AMD can now supply their die-hard fans with an almost complete AMD only system and hopefully we can expect more from AMD regarding the consumer memory market.

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  • Peter Gavik

    Nice, hope they overclock better

  • ScapeGoat

    We will see, honestly I don’t think they will be very good at overclocking since the memory seems to be “value ram” but I hope AMD brings higher quality memory in the future.

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