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20 de June de 2011

Arctic Intros G-1 Adhesive Thermal Compound


Arctic (formerly Arctic Cooling, before it diversified like no tomorrow), launched G-1 Thermal Glue, a non-metallic adhesive thermal paste. Unlike thermal epoxies that almost permanently attach heatsinks to components such as chips and FETs, the G-1 is intended to serve as adhesive thermal interface materials with scope for easy removal. It’s more of a competition to thermal tape and “generic” thermal pads. Once applied, Arctic guarantees this compound to maintain its adhesion for up to 10 years.

The compound has a temperature range between 45°C and 200°C, with thermal conductivity of 4.3 W/mk, and viscosity of 320 P. The compound has no metal component, and is electrically non-conductive. The compound comes in the form of two components that have to be mixed before application. Arctic includes a small mixing tub and a spatula. Each box comes with three sets of compounds. The Arctic G-1 looks like the ideal compound for uni-FET heatsinks over individual MOSFETs, VRM area heatsinks, graphics card memory heatsinks, and even chipset heatsinks. Each box is priced at a little over 6.5 Euros.

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