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27 de July de 2011

Arctic ‘Silently’ Introduces Accelero L2 Plus VGA Cooler

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Written by: Pedro

Arctic introduced the latest member of the iconic Accelero VGA cooler series, the Accelero L2 Plus. The L2 Plus is designed to be a GPU fan-heatsink with a number of individual heatsinks included in the package to cool the VRM and memory. It is targeted at mid-thru-performance segment graphics cards with square GPU bolt layouts. The main fan-heatsink measures 119 (L) x 94 (W) x 51 (H) mm, weighing 250 g. It is a monolithic aluminum heatsink, that uses a 92 mm fan to ventilate it. The base doesn’t cover the entire bottom area of the heatsink, and so the fins guide the air down to the PCB, to cool other components.

The main heatsink has the capacity to handle thermal loads of up to 120W. The 92 mm fan spins at speeds between 900 and 2,000 RPM, and is PWM-controlled. It can push up to 27 CFM of air, with noise-level of 0.4 Sone. Apart from the required screws and bolts, there are eight heatsinks each for memory and VRM chips (standard sized MOSFETs). The small heatsinks don’t come with thermal tapes, but instead a sachet of Arctic G1 Adhesive TIM is bundled, apart from non-adhesive MX-4 for the main heatsink. GPU compatibility is listed below. The Arctic Accelero L2 Plus is priced at $22.67 in the US, and €17.09 in Europe.

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