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28 de August de 2011

Android with more 76% of malware in three months

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Written by: Pedro
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According to a recent research from McAfee security, Android, Google’s mobile operating system was “spammed” by malware in the last quarter, resulting in an increase of 76% of threats.
According to the company this increase is related by the users behavior of the Android platform, Android is followed by J2ME but which only has one third of the threats against the 76% growth of Android.

These threats take advantage of exploits (“a computer program, a piece of data or a command sequence that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in a computer system” in Wikipedia) and some even use rootkits (“malware whose main intention is to camouflage themselves, preventing the code being found by any antivirus “in Wikipedia) to camouflage and increase the amount of attacks.
There is also the need on changing the security in mobile operating systems but there is also a need to change users minds, users must be aware of the dangers it represents an infected mobile device.
In opposite way Apple iOS  is a mobile operating system very secure and less affected so far, perhaps given by the verification of the applications added to the repository.
But anyway since iOS is not an operating system used by large masses, it is believed that could change, however Android is also the most widely used and often not all users know the phone enough to realize that some applications install could be harmful to your precious data.
Or it could be a marketing ploy to sell anti-virus on mobile platforms, what is your opinion?

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