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13 de August de 2011

AMD’s Upcoming High End FX-Series CPUs may Launch with Water Cooling Solution

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Written by: Pedro
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According to this article on X-bit Labs AMD is considering to bundle some of their upcoming top of the line FX-Series CPUs with a Liquid Cooling solution.

This “announcement” does not only benefit AMD’s projection on the market but also has a few advantages for the user. On the AMD side this move seems to be intended to solidify AMD’s position has a high end and enthusiast CPU maker while also giving the feeling of an innovative company (even if rumours of Intel’s intention to do the same were spotted a few months ago) which will be seen with good eyes for most of the PC community. On the consumer side users will benefit from a more practical, more silent and more efficient cooling solution while also having a more unique setup with a greater overclock potential.

Examples of Self-Contained Liquid Coolers are the Antec KÜHLER H2O Series and the Corsair Hydro Series, although there is no way of telling if AMD will use any of them.

Below is a picture of the Antec KÜHLER H2O 620. You can see our review of the product here.

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