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13 de October de 2011

AMD’s Bulldozer Is Finally Out But…

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Written by: Pedro
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Finally! The new Bulldozer processors from AMD are out! AMD fans have been waiting anxiously for this moment, however, they most likely got disappointed…

Those who were waiting for the new processors from AMD started growing impatient after months of delay after delay and while some waited patiently out of curiosity, others were looking to upgrade their systems and wanted to see what AMD would have to offer with their new FX processors. Hell, some were so confident that even bought AM3+ motherboards months before the CPUs arrived hoping (like most of us) that AMD would give Intel a run for its money.

Unfortunately this was not the case…

About all reviews on the Internet are unanimous. Not even an overclocked top of the line octo-core FX-8150 can beat a default clocked Core i5 2500K in gaming and loses to it in most benchmarks. According to some tests it even loses to some Phenom II CPUs in per core performance. This isn’t what we would expect from a new released processor and most of the PC community is disappointed.

That being said there is a couple of points I would like to touch. The Bulldozer is reasonably priced, even the FX-8150 is affordable and when you buy it you get eight cores on your system. Sure, most of the software at the time doesn’t support all of them but as software evolves and time passes all these extra cores might prove useful (just hope that it doesn’t take too long). For those that use heavy multithreaded software and/or work with various programs at a time the eight-core Bulldozer CPUs can prove to be a decent choice. There are even some statements that the poor performance may be due to the way Windows 7 manages the “module system” used by this new CPUs from AMD. But all of this can be minor and plain and simple Bulldozer is not a good CPU.

It’s still too soon to say if Bulldozer was a failed product and only time will be able to answer that.

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  • caruapa.

    amd decepciou dessa vez =/

  •és-Greco/100000135903426 Andrés Greco

    Tem nenhum teste ai pra mostrar pra gente o desempenho não?Abraço

    • Rui Tiago

      Ola Andrés, obrigado por visitar o nosso website, sim em breve esperamos poder experimentar o novo CPU da AMD, continue a visitar.


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