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28 de November de 2011

AMD Prepares To Sell Their Radeon Memory

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Written by: Pedro
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In August we informed you that AMD entered the RAM market. Today we inform you that AMD is already preparing to sell them.

AMD has partnered with Patriot Memory and VisionTek and is preparing to start selling their own branded DDR3 memory anytime soon. While the first memory modules were seen with “OEM looks”, these new ones feature a nice looking heat spreader with AMD’s logo and coloring on them. This new AMD memory is specifically designed to work flawlessly with AMD based systems, features JEDEC profiles and works with AMD Overdrive software so that you can adjust it’s various settings such as timings.

As of now three types of AMD memory is set to be released. The Entertainment edition, the Performance edition and the Radeon edition. For more information regarding the memory types check the table below:

For more information regarding AMD memory visit this page.

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