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13 de September de 2011

AMD FX Processor Breaks Clock Speed World Record

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Written by: Pedro
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It’s true, AMD has broken the CPU clock speed world record with an impressive 8429.38 MHz mark.

The model used was a FX-8150 engineering sample with just 1 of the modules enabled (2 cores). The processor withstood a huge Vcore of 2.016V and which is impressive. Great overclockers, great hardware, a hand-picked processor and lots of patience made this record possible.

This is without a doubt a great marketing strategy however the truth is that the FX processors haven’t been released yet and some people are starting to grow impatient. With the Sandy Bridge-E processors also near their release we better hope that these new processors from AMD are as good as they seem.

You can see the validation here.

Here you can see the official AMD video of the achievement:

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