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24 de September de 2011

AMD FX-8150 vs Intel Core i7 2600K and Core i7-980X

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Written by: Pedro
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AMD benchmarks of their upcoming FX-8150 eight core CPU against Intel’s Core i7-980X and Core i7 2600K have appeared on the internet.

The benchmarks where posted in this article on DonanimHaber and shows the FX-8150 in various types of benchmarks against both the i7 2600K and the i7-980X as well as some comparisons with the Phenom II x6 1100T in some games.

The FX-8150 goes toe to toe with the Core i7-980X in gaming and 3DMark 11 and gets some interesting results against the i7 2600K in more multithreaded focused benchmarks. Better than saying is showing the benchmarks themselves.

As you can see we are looking at a very good price/performance ratio here.

For more benchmarks visit DonanimHaber’s article linked above.

The AMD FX-8150 processor is set to be launched in October 12 this year with a price mark of around $245.

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  • Deniz Taskin

    hmm…. I though everyone said (saying now), that FX-8150 is equal with the Intel i-7 2600k? These comparisons are from a Turkish domain, lol. And it is highly possible, that these are photoshopped, since it’s from those websites. Seriously… if we saw an actual benchmark, the i-7 980 would outbeat the FX-8150. I hate fake rumors very much!  And it’s very funny…. because I’m actually from Turkey too. And although I’m from there (live in an european country) I would say, that all this above is a freaking lie. I don’t hope, that I insult the people of AMD by saying all what I say now in any way, because then I’m sorry. But this!… I just can’t believe it… really I can’t.

    I hope, that a very serious and exact comparison will come in the front everywhere, then we would see, who still bears the crown of the best processors. I would bet, that it would be Intel, because this “comparison” right above isn’t true. Sorry…. but that’s just me saying that. I would appreciate it, if anyone could convince me otherwise, because I have an AMD 1090t right now, and were upgrading to an AMD FX-8150, but changed my mind, because I was so convinced by the videos on Youtube and by the reviews I’ve read, that Intel’s i-7 980 were much stronger. Believe or not, I’m an AMD user, but I were so convinced. Prove me wrong about this statement, if you can.