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15 de December de 2011

Alan Wake is Coming For PC

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Written by: Pedro
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If you are a gamer and specially a fan of the thriller and horror genres you must have heard of Alan Wake by now. Unfortunately, the game was exclusive for the Xbox 360. Yes, WAS because Remedy (the developer behind the game) has just confirmed that Alan Wake will be released for PC.

Alan Wake was released back in 2010 for Xbox 360 by Remedy (probably best known as the developers of the award-winning Max Payne series) as a story-driven “psychological action thriller”. The game was an immediate success and received universal acclaim by critics, various awards and nominations as well as a very good sales number. Unfortunately, while the game was announced for both Xbox 360 and PC way back in 2005 plans for the PC version release were dropped and put on hold and only those with an Xbox 360 were able to enjoy one of the best games of the genre.

More than an year has passed since the game was released but Remedy has just confirmed that Alan Wake will be released for PC in Q1 2012. Not only that but both “The Signal” and “The Writer” DLCs will be included. If you never played Alan Wake because you don’t have an Xbox 360 keep your eyes open for the PC release so that you don’t miss one of the best games in the last few years.

If by any chance you did not know about Alan Wake until now take a look at the following trailer:

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