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5 de October de 2011

Wallpapers From Another World!

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Written by: Miguel
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tree wallpaper redline pc

The images that come by definition ,with your operative system, for your wallpaper background sometimes are cool, sometimes are boring…If surreal, nature or magical based environments are attractive to you just try these amazing wallpapers that will certainly enhance your background image in a appealing way.

The wallpaper images come in different sizes so you should check your screen resolution first.


If you know wallpapers sites with awesome quality ,please share it with REDLine PC in the comment zone.


Wallpapers are sometimes a mirror of our souls…

so try to catch a soul-mate image for you desktop


Some Wallpapers

Try them at


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About the Author

Hello, my name is Miguel Fontes e Sousa. I’ve got a crush on the webworld in general and my weakspot are gadgets and apps! I’m just a curious guy about these subjects since my family bought me an Atari 2600 console. Hmmm…a long time ago.