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Cooler Master was founded with the mission of providing the industry’s best thermal solutions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the company has remained faithful to this mission, emerging as a world leader in products and services for companies dealing with devices where heat issues must be resolved.

In pursuing this mission, Cooler Master is absolutely committed to delivering solutions that precisely meet customer requirements for features, performance, and quality. Moreover, we strive to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers that they can truly depend on. It aims to be the first and foremost name that comes to mind for companies around the world seeking thermal solutions, and seeks to build such a reputation through outstanding technology, sophisticated design, and superior service.

Cooler Master’s current business encompasses a comprehensive lineup of thermal solutions for a full range of applications. Its products range from heat sinks and fans to component housing, chassis, and ducting for computers, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and many other devices.

CoolerMaster is one of the biggest companies when it comes to making cases, CPU coolers, fans, and power supplies they have been at it for some years now. As time goes by technology components progress, so does the necessary equipment to cool them down, this new V6GT cooler from CM it’s one of the most recent cooling solutions on the marktet.

The V6GT follows in the footsteps of the revolutionary V8 and V10 CPU coolers from Cooler Master. Designed with a muscular engine look, the V6GT fits nicely with any performance hardware. The V6GT also features new mechanical structure that includes: V-shaped heatpipe array, asymmetrical aluminum fins (which are densely stacked for optimal cooling), two 12 cm silent fans with enhanced airflow, PWM speed control function, and DynaLoop™ long life bearing technology, snap-on cover to conveniently replace fan if needed.




  • Densely stacked asymmetrical tilted aluminum fins for muscle cooling performance.
  • “Double-V” heat-pipe array helps spread out the six heat-pipes to fully utilize the cooling fins on the cooler. It also allows airflow to reach each individual heat-pipe as opposed to traditional coolers.
  • Accelerating twin high-speed PWM fans with tool-free fan boxes deliver invincible cooling capability.
  • Engine oil cap controls the LED strip with color changing function.
  • DynaLoop™ Bearing Fan: Innovated self-lubricating bearing mechanism decreases oil-loss commonly seen on sleeve bearing fans. Evolutionary wave blade fan provides tremendous airflow with steady pressure.
  • Snap-on cover with quick release to conveniently add a second fan if needed.
  • Nickle Plated Copper Base Heat-pipes
  • “Enthusiast” Style is a perfect match for aggressive systems.


  • Model – RR-V6GT-22PK-R1
  • Dimension – 131 x 120 x 165 mm (5.2 x 4.7 x 6.5 inch)
  • Heat Sink Material – Copper base / Aluminum fins / 6 heatpipes
  • Heat Pipes Dimensions – Ø6 mm
  • Fan Dimension – 120 x 120 x 25 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch)
  • Fan Speed – 800- 2200 RPM (PWM regulated)
  • Fan Airflow – 34.02 – 93.74 CFM (per fan)
  • Fan Air Pressure -0.43 – 3.30 mmH2O (per fan)
  • Fan Life Expectancy – 40,000 hrs/25 °C
  • Bearing Type – DynaLoop™ Bearing
  • Connector – 4 Pins
  • Noise Level – 15 ~ 38 dBA
  • Rated Voltage – 12V DC
  • Start Voltage – 6V DC
  • Operating Voltage – 6 ~ 13.2V DC
  • Rated Current – 0.45A (0.7A Max. per fan)
  • Input Power – 5.4W (8.4W Max. per fan)
  • Warranty – 2 years+



  • Intel – 775, 1156, 1366
  • AMD – AM2, AM2+, AM3

Package and Contents

The CoolerMaster V6GT comes very well packed and protected with foam surrounding the product case.

The CM V6GT outsise case is red and black at the front there’s a list of compatible sockets and at both sides there’s a image of the V6GT cooler.

At the top of the product case there’s a view of the very top of the V6GT CPU Cooler, and at the bottom of the case you have a detailed  list of product specifications and features.

Opening the V6GT box the top is closed with two small pieces if Velcro. Inside, the cooler is protected with a plastic shell,  and at the the bottom there’s thick foam.

With  the CoolerMaster V6GT package comes:

  • V6GT CPU Cooler with Dual Fan’s in Intake/Exaust
  • A Box with all the mounting system acessóries and a syringe of thermal paste
  • The Paperwork with includes a Warranty certificate, a small English User’s Manual and a Full extended User’s Manual with eighteen diferent languages.

CoolerMaster V6GT in Detail

The V6GT looks really nice out of the box. It’s comes with the two 120 mm fans housed in black shell which make this unit look good and adds performance because it doens’t allow air to slip through ,allowing it to go directly at the aluminium heatsink fins.

The first thing that got my attention was the top “”oil cap” so i started immediately “the autopsy”:D

The top of the V6GT  represents the top of an engine and the center has a “V” form. Then the PCB that controls the LED’s color which are red, blue and purple. But you have the option to remove this cable or don’t connect it, and use the cooler without the LED’s.

At the top of the V6GT heatsink the  heatpipes are arranged in a V shape. CoolerMaster states that the airflow is trapped in within the V, and flows in the V shape cooling the heat pipe directly therefor increasing performance.

The Heatsink itself is pretty big even without fan’s, and has six heat-pipes,which give you the sensasion that have been placed in a un-even maner which purpose for increasing cooling performance.

The CM V6GT has six copper heat-pipes in a V pattern which helps dissipate heat allowing more of the heat-pipes surface area to be exposed to the air flowing through the cooler itself.All the cooler including the heatpipes are nickel plated to resist oxidation, which also makes it attractive as well.

The base is simple and does not have a fully mirror polish finish still it’s shiny and has expected from a high end Cooler it’s perfectly flat.

CoolerMaster V6GT Cooler Acessóries

The Fan holders are attached to the cooler by 4 clips ,and are easy to remove and attach.

Both Fan’s have rubber vibration pads that to help reduce noise.

The fan blades are the S4 wave shape these allows them to give the best airflow from 800 to 2200 RPM range. These fan can provide up to 93.74 CFM @ 2200 RPM at about 38dBA, and on low they can push(each) about 34 CFM @ 800 RPM quietly at ~15dBA.

Installation and Tests

The Installation i will try to explain in 3/4 steps how I installed it

  • First, get the acessory refered has B-“Intel retention plates” in the Manual and change it to the socket on your system, using the included the screws attach it to the item E-“BackPlate”.
  • Then I applied the CoolerMaster Thermal Compound*(which comes included in the package), and removed the cooler Fan’s.
  • After that screw down the heatsink using the F-“Bracket with Spring Screws”, and insert the fan’s back again.
  • You are good to go, take the chance and put your memory kit in, and then inside your case with the rest of our system.

* The Thermal Compound included is a “wet”, very easy to apply,t’s weatter then AC MX-2;MX-4 and Antec 7 Formula Nano Edition.

Testing Methodology

  • The testing was made with system inside Case with stock fan’s that come with the Antec P193 case and the stock Cooler Fan’s and paste.The room temperature was 30ºC*, idle temperatures where taken after 30 min Idling, and load temperatures where taken after 4 hours Prime95 Blend load.
  • Testing will be divided in Default/Overclock settings with low/high Cooler fan speeds and in idle/load temps.
  • The Load/Idle temperatures recorded where always the highest value recorded in the CPUID HW Monitor. For all the Cooolers the termic paste used was always the stock, has well has the Fan’s, and the same Overclocked settings.
  • Temperature readings are in degrees Celsius(ºC).

Note (*)- Notice that the other coolers where tested with ambiente temperatures of 25ºC, from today on im testing with 30ºC room, because i believe it’s even better performance comparison, taking  in consideration the Delta temperatures between Ambient vs CPU Temps.

Default Settings

To understand these results Notice that:

  • The Lower temperatures you are getting the better, and notice that Load temperatures are by far the most important.
  • Temperatures below 50ºC , we consider to be excelent performance.
  • Temperatures below 60ºC, we consider very good performance.
  • Temperatures below 65ºC, we consider good performance.
  • Temperatures below 70ºC, we consider regular performance.
  • If you Temperatures above 70ºC get a decent cooler, you are probably running a stock cooler of some sort.

First thing I noticed and I can’t help but to mention is that the V6GT is very silent in LOW, and at 50% I would say it’s silent, and at High Speed it’s a bit noisy.

The results are well withing the High End Performance Cooler ,though because i tested it at~30ºC room temp, you can notice the Idle/Load results sightly higher, not in a 5ºC proporcional relation,which is a good sign means it can handle even more.

Overclocked Settings

A very good sign that indicates the cooler is well though and has a good heat conductivity is that the temperatures don’t fluctuate a lot, even if you are using the V6GT with low speeds.

Another strong point about it is that there’s only a detrioration of about ~6/7ºC from Default to Overclocked settings.

Noise and Fan Speeds

  • The Rotation per Minute readings where taken using AeroCool Touch 2000 Fan Controller
  • The dBA sound pressure has taken with cooler inside the Antec P193.(Side Painel Open)


CoolerMaster has been launching some great products for us End Users for sometime now, and the V6GT CPU Cooler is no exception. The V6GT overall it’s a great cooler it offers good performance, has a very distinct look to it, the fan’s and CPU Cooler installaion is simple enough, and even has some extras like possibility of switching LED colors.

By the End I realised that it has been one year since the V6GT has been released to the market, and it still offers more then enough cooling performance to keep your new LGA1155/1156 system within the Very Good cooling range. Well if when you are buying a Cooler that’s not what you are looking for, i don’t know what it is.

The Good:

  • Great Cooling Performance which keeps your CPU within very good operating temperatures,even with high room temps.
  • Innovative and stylish looking
  • Includes 2x120mm Dynaloop Bearing silent Fan’s, a serynge of Thermal Grease and the LED’s switching option.

The Bad:

  • Price, might be a bit High for some.

I would like to thank CoolerMaster for providing this sample

Fan Spe Noise
Low Speed 775-800RPM’s Quiet about 25-30 dBA
Medium Speed(50%) 1075-1125 RPM’s Quiet about 30-35dBA dBA
High Speed 2100-2200 RPM’s Noisy 45-55 dBA

The Good :The Antec High Current Gamer 520w Power Supply Unit it’s not only for Gamers, it’s a very decent mainstream PSU,all the testing(Voltage Regulation,Efficiency and Ripple) results are well within range(great actually) and looking good. The HCG 520 unit has a generally good build quality,and above average components quality as expected from a Seasonic OEM.

The Bad: The Price, though it’s not that high, around here it cost’s around 70€, i guess good stuff has it’s price.And i didn’t like the PCIe connectors sharing one cable with a common cross-wire section, though i can’t consider my personal dislikes an dis-advantage.

All things considered im going to give it a Silver, because the PSU performance it’s very good for it’s price tag, and the package it’s simple and brings a nice cloathing bag.

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