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24 de Setembro de 2011

AMD FX-8150 vs Intel Core i7 2600K e Core i7-980X

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Written by: Pedro
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Benchmarks do FX-8150 de oito núcleos da AMD contra os processadores i7 2600K e i7-980X da Intel apareceram na Internet.

Os benchmarks foram colocados neste artigo no DonaminHaber e mostram o FX-8150 em vários tipos de benchmarks contra tanto o i7 2600K e i7-980X bem como algumas comparações em jogos contra o Phenom II x6 1100T.

O FX-8150 fica taco a taco com o Core i7-980X em jogos e no 3DMark 11 e obtém uns resultados interessantes contra o i7 2600K em benchmarks mais focados em multithread (múltiplos núcleos). Melhor do que falar é mostra os benchmarks em si.

Como podem ver estamos presentes de um rácio de preço/performance bastante bom.

Para mais benchmarks visite o link colocado em cima para o artigo do DonanimHaber.

O processador FX-8150 da AMD será lançado em 12 de Outubro deste ano com um preço a rondar os 245 dólares americanos.

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  • Deniz Taskin

    hmm…. I though everyone said (saying now), that FX-8150 is equal with the Intel i-7 2600k? These comparisons are from a Turkish domain, lol. And it is highly possible, that these are photoshopped, since it’s from those websites. Seriously… if we saw an actual benchmark, the i-7 980 would outbeat the FX-8150. I hate fake rumors very much!  And it’s very funny…. because I’m actually from Turkey too. And although I’m from there (live in an european country) I would say, that all this above is a freaking lie. I don’t hope, that I insult the people of AMD by saying all what I say now in any way, because then I’m sorry. But this!… I just can’t believe it… really I can’t.

    I hope, that a very serious and exact comparison will come in the front everywhere, then we would see, who still bears the crown of the best processors. I would bet, that it would be Intel, because this “comparison” right above isn’t true. Sorry…. but that’s just me saying that. I would appreciate it, if anyone could convince me otherwise, because I have an AMD 1090t right now, and were upgrading to an AMD FX-8150, but changed my mind, because I was so convinced by the videos on Youtube and by the reviews I’ve read, that Intel’s i-7 980 were much stronger. Believe or not, I’m an AMD user, but I were so convinced. Prove me wrong about this statement, if you can.