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radeon_hd_7800_redline_pc Hardware

AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series of Graphics Cards Launched

AMD has just launched the HD 7800 Series of graphics cards, the Radeon HD 7850 and the Radeon HD 7870. AMD has launched the Radeon HD 7850 and the Radeon HD 7870. These cards are aimed to the price conscious gamer that looks to buy a graphics card that can deliver a great performance in […]

Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SSD SSD

Corsair Force Series GT 120GB Review

Introduction and the Force Series GT 120GB SSD Corsair has been on the SSD market for a few years now and since then not only SSDs but also Corsair itself evolved and matured. With that said there is no surprise that the Force Series GT 120GB SSD that we are going to review today is […]

Adriana-lima_kia-redline-pc Internet

Adriana Lima in Slow Motion for 5 Hours

This post is technology related since Kia posted the video and Kia makes cars right? And cars nowadays have lots of electronics in them… So technology, yeah… Anyway, have 5 hours of Adriana Lima in slow motion and in full HD.

HD-7950-redline-pc Hardware

Radeon HD 7950 Released

The Radeon HD 7970 was (limited) released back in December, now it’s time for it’s younger sister, the HD 7950, to be released. The Radeon HD 7950 boasts the same features of the Radeon HD 7970 however since it’s a step down when comparing to the top end card it has lower hardware capabilities (it […]

megaupload disabled Internet

Founder of Megaupload was Arrested and the Web Site Closed

Incredible but its true, the founder of Megaupload was arrested and the website closed. Megaupload was one of the largest file-sharing sites on the Internet and is offline since Thursday (19). The founder of the company and several executives were accused of violating anti-piracy laws in the United States. According to these same sources megaupload […]


redline pc first contest

REDLine PC Contest #1 – Win a Professional Hosting Account for a Year

REDLine PC is preparing a contest to all our visitors! We are going to give 4 professional hosting accounts valid for a year to celebrate our new Facebook page and our upcoming forum which is almost completed! Want a chance to ...
by Pedro


Invisible Facebook Like Button That Moves With Mouse Pointer

Many will condemn me for this article, this may not be the best way to get the ultimate goal, but with the evolution of certain facebook viral pages could not be unaware of this fact and decided to publish this modified script ...
by Pedro



The best free WordPress Themes

WordPress is an award-winning Content Management System which allows you to create websites, blogs and powerful online applications. WordPress is the crucial component for every blogger, designer and also for developers communi...
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Antec One Hundred Review


Bottom Line 4 / 5 - Very Good
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    Windows 8 Available for Download

    The new upcoming Windows 8 is now available for download, this is a pre-beta developer version.   See some screenshots about the new microsoft os: The lockup screen (useful for tablets and other mobile devices) Start scree...
    by Pedro


    $1.99 Domains on NameCheap

    NameCheap is promoting their Facebook fan page by launching a promo: only $1.99/domain. This offer valid from July 08 12:00 AM to July 11 11:59 PM Eastern, for 1st year registration, 1 domain/account. If you have a Facebook acc...
    by Pedro



    Godaddy Coupon Code Domain ($1) June 2011

    From now on we have here is a section called freebies that will have promotional codes and free software licensed With this code can buy domains for 1 € on, valid for new registrations or transfers for domains. .C...
    by Pedro


    Moody’s Website Hacked by Portuguese

    Moody’s Website was attacked by an unknown group of Portuguese Citizens as retaliation for recent downgrading of the ratings of Portugal. These hackers decided added a new image on Moody’s website with the following tex...
    by Pedro



    Godaddy $1 Domain December 2011 Promo Code

    Another domain promotion from for December 2011 with 1$* domains. Like many previous promotions godaddy has a limit for registrations, so when it hits 10.000 redemptions it will be over, and this is usually reached ...
    by Pedro


    ProFolio vCard – Free xHTML Portfólio Template

    Who want’s to have his personal portfólio online with a free template? I think everyone want, so i’m sharing a vCard template. The download includes xHTML, Js, CSS and PHP files, and the PSD file of the logo. The H...
    by Pedro